Talking to Children About Death

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Talking to Children About Death was produced by the Division of Scientific Information, National Institute of Mental Health, to help parents care for their children and themselves in ways that foster good mental health. By talking to children about death we may discover what they know and do not know if misconceptions, fears or worries are present. We can then help them by providing needed information, comfort and understanding. Talking does not solve all problems, but without talking we are even more limited in our ability to help.

Recommended Uses:

  • Pick up item in your funeral home.
  • Excellent book to present to families you serve.
  • Present a supply of these to your area Pastors.
  • Present a supply to your school systems for their use in Death and Dying studies (7th grade and up).
  • Use in conjunction with funeral home and outside Audio-Visual presentations.
  • Use as a pass out item, when speaking to Adult Groups or conducting a Death and Dying Seminar.
  • Use in conjunction with newspaper advertising. Ad copy provided.
  • Place in School and Public Libraries, as well as Doctor and Hospital waiting rooms.
  • Provide to hospices and similar organizations.
  • Offer at health fairs and similar events.
  • Post call packet

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