When a Christian Spouse Dies

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As you face the loss of your spouse, one of the key questions that must come to your mind is, "How will I go on?" Your love for your spouse has left a very deep and painful hole in your life. How, indeed, can you handle your life from this point forward?

Dr. Jay E. Adams offers most helpful encouragement and instruction in this booklet. As you read it, you will discover how God views the death of your spouse. In doing so, you are called to consider joining the Lord Himself in viewing the death of your love as God does. In addition, you will examine how your spouse is now viewing his own death, how he or she is, in fact, enjoying the blessings of heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The importance of listening to what God says to you at this time in your life from His Holy Word will be especially stressed. Throughout this short writing, Dr. Adams will introduce you to many practical scriptures that speak to your situation. From the scriptures you will learn what God expects of your life now and how you are to be truly focused in Christian love with an outward focus.

This is an opportunity for you to set your heart and mind on seeking what the Lord has to say to you for the genuine comfort that comes from Him alone.


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